July 6, 2014

The day is normal. Life goes on, people move forward and time runs quickly more than anybody else. People walk-run to catch up with time that’s been trickling steadfastly though them, conveniently ignoring or passing through the others that seem to float around and all over those who are caught up in the routine.

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Hear, Here

April 23, 2015

It’s so easy to change your appearance
Cut your hair
Color your hair
Change your makeup
Color your nails
Lose weight
Gain weight
Use different-colored contact lenses

This generation of visual people rely on their eyesight to see instantaneous changes, to be stunned, be marveled. You want everyone to know you’ve changed? Alter something in your appearance. Leave that old shell of yours and make a new one. Overhaul. It’s not as drastic as a behavior change or maybe a change of address but it’s at least, instant.

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